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9mm Metal Targets

Discover the perfect 9mm metal targets for your shooting range or recreational practice with our handpicked selection featured in this comprehensive product roundup article. Experience the premium quality and durability of these metal targets to enhance your shooting skills.

Discover the perfect 9mm metal targets for your shooting range or recreational practice with our handpicked selection featured in this comprehensive product roundup article. Experience the premium quality and durability of these metal targets to enhance your shooting skills.

Discover the best 9mm Metal Targets designed for optimal performance and durability. Our roundup includes top-rated options made for serious shooters, with a focus on accuracy and longevity. Read on to find the perfect target that suits your needs and elevates your shooting experience.

The Top 5 Best 9mm Metal Targets

  1. Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree: 8 Flip Targets for Fun Challenges - Experience exciting and challenging shootouts with Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree, featuring 8 spring-loaded flip targets and a 4-to-a-side design perfect for dueling with a friend, all made from solid steel and rated for .22 rimfire soft-lead bullets.

  2. Atflbox Ferris Wheel Metal Shooting Targets - Experience the thrill of shooting practice at home with the Atflbox Ferris Wheel Metal Target, perfect for backyard airsoft and rifle enthusiasts, featuring a bright orange color for easy visibility and a curved axis design for seamless resetting.

  3. Metal Resetting Target for Rimfire and Air Guns - The Allen Target-Resetting Steel Target Black provides an exciting and interactive shooting experience with solid steel construction, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their target practice.

  4. Sturdy Dual Spinning Targets - Experience the thrill of sharpshooting with the Crosman Dual Spinning Targets, 2 Pack - a challenge for your air rifle skills, with two size options, all-metal durability, easy portability, and included target decals for endless fun and practice!

  5. Rimfire Reset Steel Target by Taylor Targets - The RR-53.5 Target enhances your rifle and handgun practice sessions, offering spin-action targets for rimfire use and automatic reset after each strike - perfect for quick rounds with family and friends.

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Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree: 8 Flip Targets for Fun Challenges


I got the Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree as a birthday present from my friend, and it’s become a fun addition to our backyard target practice sessions. The best part is definitely the friendly competition it brings - challenging each other with my friends and trying to hit those targets in a row has us laughing and getting more accurate.

The 8 spring-loaded flip targets provide a good variety of sizes, making it more challenging and interesting. I appreciate how solid and durable the steel construction feels, perfect for withstanding multiple rounds. However, sometimes a target can get stuck halfway back but a quick nudge or lubricant fixes that up.

The wide base and stakes allow us to set it up quickly and securely almost anywhere. One downside I noticed is that it can occasionally bend a bit if a target is struck hard, but it still works fine. Overall, for under $50, this Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree has been a great addition to our target shooting experience.

Atflbox Ferris Wheel Metal Shooting Targets


I recently picked up a set of Atflbox Ferris Wheel Metal Resetting Mobile Shooting Targets for my backyard shooting range. This unique design features 9 targets that spin around a central axis, making for an engaging and challenging practice session. The bright orange color and sturdy construction make it suitable for airsoft, rifles, or airguns.

One thing that really stood out to me was the innovative design of the central axis. Unlike traditional targets, Atflbox’s curved axis allows the targets to rotate more smoothly and consistently, making them more plink-able during firing practice. Additionally, the targets come equipped with magnets to keep them evenly spaced within the wheel.

However, there are some cons to this product as well. As mentioned by a user review, the target has some issues with consistency in its spinning motion. Furthermore, it is essential to carefully read the guidelines for installation and use, as improper handling can lead to a suboptimal experience.

Overall, while the Atflbox Ferris Wheel Metal Resetting Mobile Shooting Targets may not be perfect, they offer a fun and challenging target for practicing your shooting skills with airsoft, rifle, or airgun. Just make sure to follow the instructions properly and give it a good swing to get the best results.

Metal Resetting Target for Rimfire and Air Guns


As a shooting enthusiast, I’ve always found the Allen Target-Resetting Steel Target to be a game-changer in my practice sessions. This solid steel construction boasts five distinct targets, with four gallery-style ones and a re-setting target on top. The re-setting mechanism is truly its standout feature; after hitting the top target, all four gallery targets reset automatically without the need to walk down the lane, making for a seamless and immersive shooting experience.

The targets themselves are about 1” in diameter with a bright orange center, perfect for aiming with precision. While it’s predominantly designed for rimfire and air guns, I’ve also had success using it with handguns at longer distances. Just set it up in seconds and it’s ready to go, folding flat when not in use. It’s the perfect companion for anyone looking to add some excitement to their target practice, and the “ping” noise on correct hits only adds to the satisfaction. Its only cons might include its relatively small size, but that’s easily overlooked given its solid build and efficient target resetting feature.

Sturdy Dual Spinning Targets


I recently got the Crosman Dual Spinning Targets, and boy, have they added a fun twist to my air gun shooting sessions! This compact metal frame system comes with two target sizes that provide endless challenges and hours of entertainment. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up and store, especially when I needed to take it along on long weekends with friends or family.

One of the standout features of this product is its durability, despite its small size. So far, my air gun pellets have made a satisfying “plink” sound every time they hit the spinning targets, and they’ve held up incredibly well. I also appreciate the inclusion of extra target decals, which means I can keep practicing and honing my skills without worrying about running out of targets anytime soon.

However, there is one downside to these spinning targets: they are relatively small. While this contributes to the fun and challenge at first, it can become slightly frustrating as you become more accurate with your shots. Additionally, the paper target decals wear off relatively quickly, so I had to invest in some white paint to keep it fresh.

Overall, the Crosman Dual Spinning Targets have been a great addition to my air gun shooting arsenal. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for an enjoyable way to improve their shooting skills and have some fun while doing so!

Rimfire Reset Steel Target by Taylor Targets


The Taylor Targets RR-53.5 Rimfire Reset Steel Target has been a game-changer in my shooting practice. As a avid shooter, I’ve found this target to be an excellent tool for enhancing my accuracy. The four lower targets and one upper target not only provide a diverse range of practice options but also add a level of excitement to each session.

One feature that really stood out for me is its ability to reset automatically upon being hit. This eliminates the need for frequent trips back to the shooting range, allowing me to focus more on honing my skills. The target is designed for use with rimfire handguns and rifles, making it versatile enough to cater to various shooting preferences.

However, there are also some downsides. It’s worth noting that this target is primarily designed for. 22 caliber firearms. So, if you’re planning to use it with centerfire hand guns or rifles, it may not be as effective. Additionally, while it is well-built and sturdy, I wouldn’t recommend shooting it with magnum revolvers to avoid damaging it prematurely.

In conclusion, the Taylor Targets RR-53.5 Rimfire Reset Steel Target is a fantastic addition to my shooting gear. Its automatic reset feature, durability, and versatility make it perfect for improving my accuracy and enjoyment during practice sessions. However, it’s important to remember its limitations, especially when dealing with different types of firearms. Overall, I would definitely recommend this target to others.

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features to Consider

9mm Metal Targets-2

When shopping for 9mm metal targets, there are several key features to look for:

  • Sturdiness: Make sure the target is made of strong material that can withstand repeated shots without bending or becoming damaged.

  • Dimensions: Consider the size of the target to ensure it meets your needs for practice or competition.

  • Ease of Replacement: Some targets may have interchangeable parts or a DIY repair mechanism to extend their lifespan.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Before making your final decision, consider the following:

  • Usage: Determine how you will be using the target. Are you practicing for self-defense, competition, or simply plinking for fun?

  • Target Replacement: Learn about the target’s maintenance, including how often you’ll need to replace or repair it.

  • Portability: If you plan to travel with your target, ensure it’s lightweight and easy to transport or set up.

General Advice for Choosing 9mm Metal Targets

Here are some tips for finding the best metal target:

  1. Read reviews from other buyers to get an idea of the target’s performance and durability.

  2. Compare prices and features across different retailers and manufacturers to find the best value for your needs.

  3. Don’t sacrifice quality for price; investing in a well-made target will save you money in the long run by requiring fewer replacements.

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1. What are 9mm metal targets?

9mm metal targets are steel targets designed for shooting practice with 9mm firearms. These targets provide instant feedback and are ideal for enhancing accuracy and reaction time during practice sessions.

2. What materials are used to make 9mm metal targets?

9mm Metal Targets-4

9mm metal targets are typically made from AR500 steel, which features a Brinell hardness rating of 500 and can withstand multiple impacts from 9mm rounds without deforming or pitting.

3. How large are 9mm metal targets?

9mm metal targets come in various sizes, ranging from 4-inch circular targets to larger silhouette-shaped targets. The size you choose depends on your personal preference, distance from the target, and desired level of difficulty during practice sessions.

4. Can 9mm metal targets be used with other calibers?

While 9mm metal targets are specifically designed for use with 9mm firearms, they may also withstand the impact from smaller calibers like. 380 or. 22lr. However, using larger calibers like. 45 or. 50 may cause excessive damage or deformation to the target.

9mm Metal Targets-5

5. Are there any safety guidelines to follow when using 9mm metal targets?

Yes, it is essential to follow proper safety guidelines while using 9mm metal targets. Always wear eye and hearing protection, aim below the target’s face, and use a backstop to prevent ricochets. Additionally, ensure that no one is within the blast radius when firing at the target.

6. How can I maintain my 9mm metal target?

To maintain your 9mm metal target, periodically inspect it for signs of wear or damage, such as pitting or cracks. If necessary, apply paint or touch-up spray to the damaged areas to extend the target’s life. Regularly clean the target with soap and water, and store it indoors or in a covered area when not in use to protect it from moisture and corrosion.

7. How far should I place my 9mm metal target for optimal practice?

9mm Metal Targets-6

The ideal distance for placing your 9mm metal target depends on your personal skill level and the specific target size. As a general rule, start practicing at closer distances (e. g. , 5-10 yards) and gradually increase the distance as your accuracy improves. For more advanced shooters, distances of 25-50 yards may be appropriate, depending on the target size and overall difficulty level preferred.

8. Can I use 9mm metal targets with automatic weapons or high-capacity firearms?

It is not recommended to use 9mm metal targets with automatic weapons or high-capacity firearms, as excessive firing could cause excessive damage to the target or potentially result in a malfunction. Stick to semi-automatic or manually operated firearms for optimal performance and longevity of your 9mm metal target.

In most jurisdictions, there are no specific restrictions on using 9mm metal targets for shooting practice. However, it is crucial to adhere to all applicable firearms laws and regulations, including necessary permits and licenses, and to maintain proper safety protocols while using these targets.

10. How can I determine the effectiveness of my 9mm metal target practice sessions?

To measure the effectiveness of your 9mm metal target practice sessions, track your progress over time by recording your shooting accuracy (e. g. , hits per number of rounds fired) and gradually increasing the difficulty of your practice drills. You may also consider incorporating timed challenges or competitive drills to gauge your improvement more accurately.

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