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Pink Gun Holsters

Discover the best pink gun holsters for concealed carry, featuring top brands and styles designed for comfort, protection, and personalized style.

Discover the best pink gun holsters for concealed carry, featuring top brands and styles designed for comfort, protection, and personalized style.

Discover the perfect complement to your outfit with our collection of pink gun holsters. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your everyday carry or wanting to make a bold fashion statement, our roundup of stylish pink gun holsters will satisfy your need for both functionality and style. From concealed carry options to open carry accessories, our selection caters to every preference. Dive into our collection and find the perfect pink gun holster to suit your needs.

The Top 9 Best Pink Gun Holsters

  1. Mod1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System by C&G Holsters - C&G Holsters’ premium appendix-carry Mod1 Sidecar Kydex Holster System offers exceptional concealment, uncompromised durability, and flawless ergonomics for an unbeatable experience in firearm protection and safety.

  2. Pink Gun Holster for Ruger LCP: Discreet, Everyday Carry - The Blade-Tech Klipt IWB Holster for the Ruger LCP provides a sleek, discreet solution for everyday carry, combining comfort, secure firearm retention, and a custom fit for your LCP.

  3. Best Sleeper Chair - Aiho Convertible Sofa Bed - Experience unmatched versatility with the Blade-Tech Total Eclipse 2.0 IWB/OWB Modular Holster for Sig Sauer P220, offering a revolutionary auto-locking design, modular adaptability, and compatibility for both left and right-hand shooters.

  4. Custom IWB Kydex Holster System for Glock 48 MOS - Discreet, customizable IWB Kydex holster for Glock 48 MOS, featuring compatibility with popular RMR/Red Dots, open bottom design, dark wing for added concealment, made in America by veterans, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

  5. S&W M&P Shield IWB Left-Handed Holster by We The People - We The People Holsters’ highly-rated, adjustable IWB left-handed holster specifically designed for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield/M2.0/Plus 9mm/.40/30 Super Carry pistols, providing concealment, comfort, and durability.

  6. Adjustable Pink Glock 43 Holster - Glock 43/43X Adjustable IWB Holster by We The People Holsters - Red Plaid, Kydex Material, Secure and Comfortable Concealed Carry, Compatible with Glock Pistols (Rail or No Rail)

  7. Adjustable Fit CZ P-07 OWB Holster - Experience unmatched precision and performance with the adjustable, Boltaron-crafted Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for your CZ P-07, designed with optics compatibility and a lifetime guarantee.

  8. Neon Pink Kydex Holster for Concealed Carry - Experience unmatched comfort, precision, and concealment with the C&G OWB Signature Series Kydex Holster - a customizable, adjustable, and high-quality option perfect for your pink gun needs.

  9. Pink Gun Holster for Walther PDP 4.5”/4” with Customizable Attachments and Adjustable Sweat Guard - C&G Holsters crafts bespoke, made-to-order IWB holsters for Walther PDP 4.5”/4”, perfectly designed for most RMR/Red Dots, ensuring utmost comfort, concealment, and durability in a 100% American-made, lifetime-guaranteed solution.

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Mod1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System by C&G Holsters


I recently got the chance to try out the Mod1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System from C&G Holsters and I must say, I’m quite impressed! This isn’t the first holster I’ve owned, but it’s definitely one of the best. The moment I put it on, I could feel the difference in quality and comfort.

One of the standout features of this holster for me has been its ergonomic design. It’s designed in such a way that it contours perfectly to your body, making it incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. I was able to perform a variety of tasks - from tying my shoes to going for a jog - without any issues or discomfort.

Another feature that really stood out for me was the hinge mechanism. This little detail makes it incredibly easy to adjust the angle of the holster, allowing me to find the perfect position for optimal concealment. Plus, the adjustable belt clips ensure that the holster stays securely in place no matter what I’m doing.

On the downside, I did find that it took me a little while to get used to drawing and re-holstering my weapon with this particular system. However, once I got the hang of it, everything became much smoother and more natural.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Mod1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System to anyone looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and effective holster. It’s definitely worth the investment!

Pink Gun Holster for Ruger LCP: Discreet, Everyday Carry


The Blade Tech IWB Holster for the Ruger LCP is the perfect solution for those looking for a discreet and comfortable way to carry their firearm. . This slim and sleek holster is designed for everyday use, ensuring that you’ll never have to compromise on comfort or security. . The high sweat guard prevents discomfort from moisture or slide serrations, while the easy on / easy off belt clip keeps your holster securely in place until you’re ready to remove it. .

Additionally, the built-in retention and positive lock trigger guard provide tactile feedback to let you know your firearm is secure. . Made with a high-strength, heat-resistant polymer in the USA and precision molded for a superior fit, this holster is built to last. .

Whether you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable holster for daily use or need a concealed carry option that won’t weigh you down, the Blade Tech IWB Holster for the Ruger LCP won’t disappoint. .

Best Sleeper Chair - Aiho Convertible Sofa Bed


I recently had the chance to try out the Sig P220 holster from Blade-Tech, and I’ve got to say, this holster truly makes a difference. I was initially drawn to it by its auto-locking, toolless design, and the ability to quickly swap between IWB and OWB carry. Its ambidextrous design is a game-changer, too - it works perfectly for both right and left-handed shooters, making it incredibly versatile.

The high-strength, heat-resistant polymer used in the Total Eclipse 2.0 holster is nothing short of impressive. It’s clear that this holster is built to last, and its slim design means it can be easily concealed under most clothing. I’ve been using it for several weeks now, and it’s held up incredibly well with no signs of wear and tear.

One thing I really appreciate about this holster is the adjustable retention screw, which allows me to find the perfect balance between security and a smooth draw. It holds my Sig P220 securely in place, giving me peace of mind, while still allowing for a quick and reliable draw when needed.

The Mod-Lok system is another standout feature. It allows me to easily switch between OWB and IWB carry by simply swapping out the Mod-Lok. This level of adaptability is a unique selling point for this holster, and it’s definitely one of its key strengths.

On the other hand, there’s one aspect of this holster that I did find a bit challenging - the adjustment process. While it’s great that I can customize my draw to my liking, the adjustment screw can be a bit difficult to tighten and loosen at times. However, this is a relatively minor inconvenience compared to the overall benefits the holster provides.

In summary, the Sig P220 holster from Blade-Tech is an absolute game-changer in the world of concealed carry. Its innovative design, high-quality materials, and exceptional versatility make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable holster. While there may be some minor concerns, such as the difficulty in adjusting the retention screw, these are far outweighed by the product’s numerous strengths.

Custom IWB Kydex Holster System for Glock 48 MOS


I recently got my hands on the Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System and it’s been a game-changer in my daily life. This holster was designed to fit RMR/Red Dots like the Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint, Sig Romeo, and others, making it incredibly versatile. It also has an open bottom that accommodates threaded barrels and compensators, making it perfect for my custom Glock 48 MOS.

One of the standout features of this holster is its discretion. The Custom Dark Wing provides added concealment without compromising on comfort. And speaking of comfort, the Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System is made to perfection by Veterans and Law Enforcement personnel right here in America, and comes with a lifetime guarantee to prove it.

The solid locking retention ensures that my gun stays securely in place thanks to the audible and tactile “click” when it’s holstered. The precision of this holster is unmatched, making it the most comfortable carry inside the waistband (belt) modular holster system I’ve ever used.

The patent-pending hinge system adapts to your body’s movements, making it both comfortable and secure. Plus, it’s CNC designed and manufactured, ensuring a precise fit down to. 003 inches!

The best part about this holster is that it’s made from high-quality materials, including. 093” thick Kydex for durability, and all hardware is treated with a salt bath Nitriding process for added strength and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Now, let’s talk about some key features that might not be as glamorous but are worth mentioning. The Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System really shines when it comes to fit and versatility. It’s custom-made for right-hand users, ensuring a snug fit for my Glock 48 MOS.

The adjustable clips have been a lifesaver for me, as they allow me to easily secure the holster to my belt or waistband. Plus, the hinge system gives me complete control over the angle and position of my firearm, making it even more comfortable and secure.

As for any drawbacks, I haven’t encountered any issues with this holster. However, I’ve noticed that some users may experience difficulty when it comes to removing the holster from their belt or waistband due to the strong retention. But, this is a testament to the holster’s quality and durability, so I don’t consider it a con.

All in all, the Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System from C&G Holsters has been a game-changer for me. Its high-quality craftsmanship, customizable fit, and unmatched comfort make it the perfect addition to my daily carry. If you’re in the market for a new holster, I highly recommend giving the Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System a try. You won’t be disappointed!

S&W M&P Shield IWB Left-Handed Holster by We The People


As a user of Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield, I’ve had the chance to try out several holsters, and this one by We The People Holsters really stands out. It’s made from. 08-inch KYDEX, which is lightweight yet durable enough to maintain its structure even when things get intense. I appreciated the thin profile and the adjustable retention pressure and carry angle that make this holster perfect for concealed carry.

One of the best features of this holster is its compatibility with red dot sights, making it a versatile option for those using these advanced sights. However, I did experience some issues when attempting to use the holster for appendix carry, as it wasn’t designed to prevent printing effectively.

The claw attachment was a bit of a mixed bag, too, as it only has one single screw, making it difficult to maintain its position while wearing the holster. While I was able to use the holster for strong side 3 or 4 o’clock position IWB carry by wearing a sweatshirt or flannel to cover the printing, it wasn’t the most comfortable option for me.

But overall, this holster is a good choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and adjustable option to carry their S&W M&P Shield. The quality of the KYDEX material and the nice designs make it worth considering, even if it may not be perfect for every use case.

Adjustable Pink Glock 43 Holster


I’ve been using the Glock 43/43X IWB Right-Handed Holster by We The People Holsters for a few months now, and I must say it’s been a game-changer for my concealed carry needs. . The adjustable retention and ride options really make a difference in ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. .

Plus, the protective sweat guard is a nice touch to keep my gun clean and free of sweat. . However, one area I found a bit lacking is the adjustability of the height of the holster. .

It would have been nice to have more options in that department. . All in all, it’s a high-quality holster that offers a lot of flexibility and comfort for everyday use, but it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. .

Adjustable Fit CZ P-07 OWB Holster


As a reviewer who’s been using the CZ P07 9mm OWB Holster for a few months now, I can confidently say this is one of the best holsters out there. The adjustable retention feature is a game-changer, it allows me to tighten or loosen the fit as per my liking, ensuring my weapon stays securely in place. The high-strength Boltaron material is not just durable but also precise in its fit, ensuring a snug hold on your firearm.

A feature that stands out is the positive locking trigger guard. It gives a tactile feedback, assuring me that my gun is safe and secure. Another highlight is the IDPA & USPSA legal speed cut design. It enables me to clear the muzzle quickly and effectively, giving me an edge in competitions.

However, no product is perfect. I experienced some difficulty with the adjustment screws. They were difficult to remove, and it took me a lot of time. Another downside was the compatibility issue with another attachment I wanted to use. The screws bottomed out on the t-nuts before tightening, which was quite inconvenient.

Overall, the Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for the CZ P-07 is a reliable companion for any marksman. It provides great security and allows for quick draw, making it perfect for both competitions and everyday carry.

Neon Pink Kydex Holster for Concealed Carry


I recently stumbled upon the OWB Signature Series Kydex Holster from C&G while searching for something to accommodate my pink neon Glock. I have to say, this holster has been a game-changer in my daily carry, and exceeded my expectations in almost every way.

Firstly, the customization options are simply unbeatable. Not only could I choose the neon pink and black colour combination that perfectly matches my gun’s aesthetic, but the adjustable retention system ensures that my firearm stays securely in place without any wiggle room. The ‘Kickramp’ design is a real asset in terms of concealment too.

One of the standout features of this holster is its compatibility with a variety of red-dots, including Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint, and Sig Romeo. This was a massive selling point for me, as it allowed me to keep my current sight configuration without needing to change anything up. Additionally, the open bottom design ensures that my threaded barrel and compensator fit snugly, without any adjustments required.

In terms of comfort, the OWB Signature Series Kydex Holster ticks all theboxes. It’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable, even during prolonged periods of use. The tall sight channel is a nice touch too, as it facilitates a smoother draw for both suppressor height sights and standard sights.

However, there are a few minor issues worth mentioning. Firstly, while the Kydex material is extremely durable and robust, it does require a certain level of care and maintenance to prevent scratches and wear. Secondly, I did find that the belt loops were slightly inflexible and took some time to get used to.

All things considered, I would highly recommend the OWB Signature Series Kydex Holster to anyone looking for a comfortable and secure holster for their pink neon Glock. The level of customization and compatibility with other accessories make it a top-notch choice for anyone in the market for a high-quality holster.

Pink Gun Holster for Walther PDP 4.5”/4” with Customizable Attachments and Adjustable Sweat Guard


I can’t tell you how much I love my C&G Mod1-Lima IWB holster. When I first got it, I was amazed at how perfectly it fit my Walther PDP 4.5”/4” TLR8/A/G. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are truly top-notch, and the fact that it’s made right here in the USA by veterans and law enforcement is the icing on the cake.

One of the best features of this holster is the solid locking retention. You can hear and feel the “click” when your gun is securely holstered, giving you the confidence that your firearm is safe and sound. The customizable discreet carry concepts 1.75” or 1.5” belt clips make it easy to adjust to your specific needs and preferences.

Another highlight is the open bottom design, which allows for compatibility with threaded barrels and compensators like Tyrant, Agency, Zev, and PMM. This means I can use my favorite attachments with this holster, and it’s super easy to access and re-holster my weapon.

Now, for some honest feedback, the one minor drawback I’ve experienced is that it can be a little tricky to use the restroom without adjusting the holster. But honestly, that’s such a small inconvenience compared to how comfortable and secure it makes me feel while carrying my gun.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the C&G Mod1-Lima IWB holster. It’s a high-quality, comfortable, and versatile solution for concealed carry. I’m confident that once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Buyer’s Guide

Section 1: Features to Consider in Pink Gun Holsters

When shopping for a pink gun holster, there are several key features to consider:

  • Fit and comfort: Ensure the holster is designed to fit your specific handgun model securely and comfortably.

  • Retention: Look for a holster that uses strong and reliable retention systems to keep your firearm securely in place.

  • Draw and reholster: A smooth draw and easy reholster are essential for a safe and efficient shooting experience.

  • Concealment: If you’re looking for a concealed carry holster, make sure it provides proper concealment and doesn’t print through clothing.

  • Materials and construction: Durable materials and quality craftsmanship are essential to ensure the holster will stand up to daily use and prolonged wear.

Pink Gun Holsters-2

Section 2: Personalization and Customization

Pink gun holsters come in various styles, such as paddle holsters, belt holsters, and IWB (inside-the-waistband) holsters. Consider your personal style and preferred method of carrying your firearm when choosing a pink gun holster.

Section 3: Budget and Price Range

Pink gun holsters come in a wide range of price points, from budget-friendly options to high-end, premium models. Keep your budget in mind while searching for the perfect pink gun holster that meets your needs and preferences.

Section 4: Safety and Compliance

Ensure the pink gun holster is made from high-quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards for safety and reliability. Additionally, be aware of any local or state laws that may impact your choice of a pink gun holster, and always ensure compliance with federal and state firearms laws.

Pink Gun Holsters-3

Section 5: Quality and Customer Reviews

Lastly, pay close attention to customer reviews when researching pink gun holsters. Look for positive feedback on the holster’s durability, fit, and overall quality, as well as any common issues or complaints that may impact your decision.


1. How can I choose the best pink gun holster?

Consider factors such as comfort, concealment, and compatibility with your firearm. Look for high-quality materials, adjustable retention, and a solid build. Read reviews from other users to get an idea of how different holsters perform in daily use.

Pink Gun Holsters-4

2. Are pink gun holsters only for women?

No, pink gun holsters are meant for anyone who enjoys the color pink and wants to express their style while carrying a firearm. They are suitable for both men and women.

3. Can a pink gun holster accommodate different gun models?

It depends on the specific holster model. Some pink gun holsters are designed to fit multiple gun sizes and models, while others might be specific to one gun type or model. Be sure to check compatibility before making a purchase.

4. Are pink gun holsters difficult to conceal?

The level of concealment varies depending on the type of holster (inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or shoulder holster) and the clothing worn by the individual. Choose a holster that is adjustable for optimal concealment based on your specific needs and attire.

Pink Gun Holsters-5

5. Are pink gun holsters comfortable to wear?

Comfort varies depending on the materials used, design, and individual preferences. Look for well-padded holsters made from comfortable materials like leather or Kydex. Make sure to try out different styles and brands to find the perfect fit for your needs.

6. How long does it take to break in a pink gun holster?

Break-in time varies based on the holster material and frequency of use. Some leather holsters may take a few weeks to break in completely, while synthetic materials like Kydex typically have a quicker break-in period. Regular usage and proper care can help speed up the process.

7. Can pink gun holsters be used by left-handed shooters?

Yes, there are some pink gun holsters specifically designed for left-hand shooters. Be sure to check for ambidextrous options or left-hand-specific models when shopping for a pink gun holster.

Pink Gun Holsters-6

8. How should I care for my pink gun holster?

Proper care varies depending on the holster material. For leather holsters, regular cleaning and conditioning are essential to maintain durability and flexibility. Synthetic materials like Kydex can be cleaned with soap and water or a mild detergent, followed by thorough drying.

9. How do I know if a pink gun holster is secure?

Look for adjustable retention and secure fastening systems, such as thumb breaks or straps. Additionally, reading reviews from other users can provide insight into the effectiveness of the holster’s retention features.

10. How much do pink gun holsters typically cost?

The price of pink gun holsters varies based on material, design, and brand. Quality leather holsters may cost anywhere from $40 to $100, while synthetic materials like Kydex can range from $20 to $60. Be sure to consider the features and benefits of each holster before making a purchasing decision.

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