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Vehicle Gun Holsters

Discover the best vehicle gun holsters to securely store and access your firearms while on the go. Our comprehensive guide offers a variety of options for safe and convenient storage to keep you protected while driving.

Discover the best vehicle gun holsters to securely store and access your firearms while on the go. Our comprehensive guide offers a variety of options for safe and convenient storage to keep you protected while driving.

Are you tired of not having a safe and accessible place to store your firearm in the car? Look no further! In this roundup, we dive into the world of vehicle gun holsters, presenting a variety of options to keep your firearm secure while driving. From compact designs to versatile mounting solutions, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned as we explore the best options for your vehicle’s gun storage needs.

The Top 6 Best Vehicle Gun Holsters

  1. Speed Master 2.0: Versatile Paddle and Belt Slot Holster - The Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster offers unparalleled versatility and convenience, allowing users to switch between paddle and belt slot attachments as needed, while ensuring secure weapon retention and easy access through an open-top design.

  2. Photon P320C/M18 wLight Holster: Alien Gear’s Versatile Carry Solution - Alien Gear’s Holster for Sig Sauer P320C/M18 with light compatibility, optimized for appendix carry and made in the USA, offers versatility and durability with a lifetime warranty.

  3. Stylish, Durable Polymer Photon Optics-Ready Holster for Hellcat Pro - Introducing the Alien Gear Holsters Photon Optics-Ready Holster for Hellcat Pro - a durable, ambidextrous, and versatile solution for your concealed or open carry needs, tailored to accommodate various optics, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

  4. The ICOS In-Cab Gun Holder for Your Vehicle Seat - The Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder is a durable, quiet, and secure solution for storing up to two firearms in your vehicle, ensuring protection from scratches and damage while providing silent mounting and dismounting for added convenience.

  5. Crossbreed Reckoning Holster for Sig Sauer P365 - Crossbreed Reckoning Holster: A well-crafted, versatile concealed carry solution with adjustable retention, multiple position options, and compatibility with popular firearms like Sig P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat.

  6. Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black - Kydex & Leather AIWB/IWB/OWB Holster - The Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black combines the best of Kydex and leather for a comfortable, adjustable, and secure AIWB, IWB, or OWB handgun holster suitable for right or left-hand use.

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Speed Master 2.0: Versatile Paddle and Belt Slot Holster


I thought I’d give the Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster a try, and I wasn’t disappointed. The open-top design made it incredibly fast to draw my weapon, while the tension screw adjustment added an extra layer of security. I especially appreciated the versatility of this holster, as it can be set up as a paddle holster for quick on/off capabilities or as a more traditional belt slot holster.

One of my favorite features is the included belt slot attachment, which is easily adjustable for both belt width and ride height. The detailed hand molding ensures excellent retention of my gun, and the adjustable tension unit means I can fine-tune it to fit my needs perfectly. Additionally, the holster fits belts up to 1 3/4, making it suitable for a variety of belt types.

However, the lack of included instructions or diagrams made the initial setup a bit challenging. It took some trial and error to figure out how to attach and adjust the various components correctly. Overall, the Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster is a high-quality, versatile option for concealed carry.

Photon P320C/M18 wLight Holster: Alien Gear’s Versatile Carry Solution


I recently got my hands on the Alien Gear Holsters Photon, designed to fit my Sig Sauer P320C with a compact light. Right off the bat, I noticed how versatile this holster is - it can be worn inside or outside the waistband, and it’s optimized for easy draw and concealment. The design accommodates various attachment styles, including belt clips and paddles.

One thing that impressed me was the polymer construction, which felt incredibly sturdy and durable. Plus, it comes with an inclusions appendix carry wing to further enhance concealment. And, if that’s not enough, there’s a sidecar mag carrier available as an optional add-on.

The Alien Gear Holsters Photon has a light-bearing capability, making it compatible with my compact light, and it even supports an optic cut for any optic except the SRO. I was excited to know that this holster is made proudly in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

However, not everything was perfect. The holster arrived without the necessary hardware and belt clips, which made it useless until I got the missing parts. Additionally, some users found the retention too tight, even when the screws were loosened.

In conclusion, the Alien Gear Holsters Photon stands out with its remarkable versatility and sturdy construction. However, its usability was hampered by missing components and excessive retention.

Stylish, Durable Polymer Photon Optics-Ready Holster for Hellcat Pro


As a first-hand user of the Alien Gear Holsters Photon Optics-Ready Holster, my first thought upon wearing it was the comfort during indoor use. The modularity of the holster comes in handy, with the option to adjust it for both IWB and OWB use. The included appendix carry wing helps with concealment and is a nice touch. However, it’s not perfect - the bulkiness can make it harder to clip onto a belt, and the hard plastic material may not be the most comfortable for prolonged IWB carry.

Standout features for me include the impressive modularity that caters to a variety of carry preferences, as well as the durability provided by the made-in-the-USA polymer material. Nonetheless, there’s room for improvement on the holster’s bulkiness and ease of attachment.

In conclusion, the Alien Gear Holsters Photon Optics-Ready Holster stands strong with its customizable options and solidly-built structure. While it may not be perfect in every aspect, it’s a reliable choice for those looking for a versatile carry solution.

The ICOS In-Cab Gun Holder for Your Vehicle Seat


I’ve been using the Seizmik ICOS in Cab Gun Holder, and it has greatly enhanced my gun handling experience while on the go. The first thing that stands out is how secure my guns are held with this product. The closed-cell foam ensures that my guns don’t get scratched or damaged, and the nylon webbing and buckles limit noise when I retrieve or store my guns.

Installation is a breeze, as it can be set up in mere seconds without the need for any tools. The fact that it uses the vehicle’s seat belt is an added bonus for convenience and safety. The cushioned channels prevent the firearms from getting marred, while the muzzle control feature keeps the barrels safely pointed downwards.

One aspect that could be improved is the sturdiness of the straps and buckles. Some reviewers have reported issues with these elements, so it would be advisable to check the quality of these components before making a purchase. Another concern is the compatibility of the gun holder with different vehicle models. Some users have reported needing to make modifications to ensure a proper fit.

Overall, the Seizmik ICOS in Cab Gun Holder is a valuable accessory for those who frequently transport their guns in a vehicle. Its unique design, secure holding capabilities, and easy installation make it a worthwhile investment. However, potential buyers should be aware of potential issues with the straps and buckles, as well as checking compatibility with their specific vehicle model.

Crossbreed Reckoning Holster for Sig Sauer P365


As a daily CCW carrier, I was delighted to experience the Reckoning Holster from Crossbreed. . The combination of premium leather on the backer and durable Kydex on the pocket provides a comfortable and secure holster. . The adjustable retention screws and optional belt clips allow for customization that fits your needs. .

However, the prominent cross icon on the belt loops may not be everyone’s cup of tea. . It’s a little ironic, but the fact that the holster is easy to tuck in with its design is a huge plus. .

The leather is soft and comfortable against your skin, while still securing the Sig P365 snugly. . The holster does not require a special tool to adjust the retention, which is a nice touch. .

Overall, this is a top-quality holster that gives you the best of both worlds, but it could benefit from some modifications in terms of style and comfort. .

Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black - Kydex & Leather AIWB/IWB/OWB Holster


I recently got my hands on the Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black, and it’s been a game-changer for me. This holster combines the best of both worlds, with a Kydex-style design and genuine American Full Grain Leather construction. The adjustable 0-15 degrees cant ensures I can position it just right for maximum comfort and accessibility while I’m on duty. I also love that it’s compatible with RMR and Sight Track systems, making it versatile enough to use with a variety of suppressor sights.

The handmade craftsmanship of this holster is evident in its smooth draw and secure re-holster, thanks to the audible click feature. The 1.5” belt clip is a nice touch, making it easy to attach and remove from various waistbands. However, there’s one downside - the screws tend to loosen up more often than I’d like, which can be frustrating when I need quick access to my weapon.

Overall, I’m impressed with the Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black’s blend of comfort, durability, and versatility. Its unique combination of Kydex and leather creates a holster that stands out from the rest. While the loose screws are a bit of a pain, they don’t detract significantly from its performance.

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features

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Vehicle gun holsters come in various designs and materials. Some key features to consider are:

  • Retention mechanism - Ensures secure weapon storage while driving.

  • Adjustable mounting options - Allows easy installation in different vehicle models.

  • Compatibility - Works with various firearm models and sizes.


Before purchasing a vehicle gun holster, think about:

  • Ease of access - Make sure it allows quick and safe weapon retrieval.

  • Concealment - Choose a holster that maintains a low profile for covert carry.

  • Quality and durability - Invest in a well-built, long-lasting product.

  • Legality - Ensure the selected holster complies with local laws and regulations.

General Advice

When choosing a vehicle gun holster, consider the following:

  • Research - Look for reputable brands and read customer reviews for real-world insights.

  • Try Before You Buy - If possible, check the product at a local store to see if it fits your needs.

  • Safety First - Prioritize a holster that conceals and protects both you and your firearm.

  • Customization - Some holsters allow adjustments to fit your unique needs and preferences.

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Proper care and maintenance of your vehicle gun holster can extend its life and ensure optimal performance. Regularly clean and inspect the holster and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.


What is a vehicle gun holster?

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A vehicle gun holster is a secure and efficient way to keep your firearm within reach while driving. It’s designed to hold your weapon firmly in place, making it easily accessible when needed.

How do I install a vehicle gun holster?

Installation varies depending on the model; however, most vehicle gun holsters attach using either suction cups or adhesive mounts. Instructions are typically provided with the holster. Always ensure that your holster is installed securely before use.

The laws surrounding gun holsters vary by state or country. It’s important to check your local laws to ensure compliance. Some areas may only allow concealed carry, so check if the holster will accommodate this.

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Can I use any holster in my vehicle?

While any holster could technically fit in your vehicle, not all will be suitable. Vehicle-specific holsters are designed to provide easy access while keeping your gun secure. They also consider factors like where to position your holster for optimal convenience and safety.

How do I choose the right size for my vehicle gun holster?

Choose a size that comfortably fits your handgun model. Accurate measurements of both the grip and barrel are essential to ensure a proper fit. Some holsters offer adjustable grips that accommodate different handgun sizes.

How do I clean my vehicle gun holster?

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Cleanliness is important for ensuring the longevity of your holster. Use soap and water to wipe down the exterior, and dry thoroughly before reinstalling. For leather holsters, apply leather conditioner occasionally to maintain softness.

How should I store my holster when not in use?

Keep your holster in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will prevent damage from moisture or heat. If your holster is made of leather, store it in a pouch or case to prevent scratches or dings.

How much do vehicle gun holsters cost?

Prices vary depending on the brand, material, and features. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $100 for a quality vehicle gun holster.

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