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Waistband Gun Holsters

Discover the top-rated waistband gun holsters for secure and comfortable carry options in this comprehensive product roundup. Our in-depth review highlights the best holsters on the market, ensuring your firearm stays concealed and remains easily accessible for self-defense scenarios.

Discover the top-rated waistband gun holsters for secure and comfortable carry options in this comprehensive product roundup. Our in-depth review highlights the best holsters on the market, ensuring your firearm stays concealed and remains easily accessible for self-defense scenarios.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on waistband gun holsters. No matter if you’re a seasoned gun owner or a first-timer, finding the perfect holster can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll be taking a deep-dive into the world of waistband gun holsters, covering everything from design and materials, to sizing and usage. We’ve also included a roundup of the best waistband gun holsters in the market today, making your choice that much easier. So, let’s get started and help you find the perfect holster for your needs.

The Top 11 Best Waistband Gun Holsters

  1. Comfortable and Secure Belly Band Holster - The STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Holster Rig combines comfort, concealment, and enhanced security for your IWB holster, making it the perfect choice for your everyday concealed carry needs.

  2. VersaCarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB Holster for S&W M&P SHIELD 9MM - The Versacarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB Holster provides optimal concealment and comfort for your S&W M&P Shield 9mm with custom molded polymer front, closed-cell foam padding, and adjustable draw cant and tension.

  3. Tactical Belly Band Holster for 9mm Handgun - Stay secure and comfortable with Mission First Tactical’s MFT Belly Band Holster, designed for various activities and body types. It features a hard trigger shield, elastic pockets, secure zippered storage, and ambidextrous compatibility.

  4. Black Warden Chest Holster for Right Hand - Elite Survival Systems Warden Chest Holster Right Hand Black 7105-1-RH: An adjustable, versatile chest holster for quick and easy access to your firearm during various outdoor activities, suitable for compact pistols and light/laser attachments.

  5. Distressed Brown Leather OWB Holster for Double Stacked Semi-Automatics - Introducing the premium, handcrafted Guardian Holster by Versacarry, featuring distressed Brown leather and an ergonomic design for comfort and concealment - ideal for most double-stacked semi-automatic pistols.

  6. VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster for 1911-Style Handguns - The Versacarry Guardian OWB Holster is a high-quality leather holster designed to securely carry and protect your pistol while offering a comfortable fit and a faster break-in time.

  7. Cabela’s Breathable Elastic Belly Band Gun Holster - Cabela’s Belly Band Handgun Holster lets you carry two firearms and extra mags comfortably and discreetly, with versatile configuration options and a hidden pocket for personal items.

  8. Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster for Everyday Carry - The Caldwell Belly Band Holster boasts a high-quality, moisture-wicking material for ultimate breathability, offering secure and comfortable everyday carry options for both gun enthusiasts and travelers alike.

  9. Custom Fit Waistband Holster for Byrna HD and Byrna SD Launchers - The Byrna Kydex Waistband Holster-RH, with a 4.4-star rating and 107 reviews, provides a secure and customizable fit for both Byrna HD and Byrna SD Launchers. Experience peace of mind as your valuable accessory stays safely by your side, ready for action.

  10. Nylon Waistband Holster for Right-Handed Users - Byrna Nylon Waistband Holster W Retention: Sleek, lightweight design offers ambidextrous IWD or OWB carry, secure hold, and easy draw for your Byrna HD XL Launcher. Perfect for right-handed users.

  11. Rounded Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry - Experience versatile concealed carry with the Rounded Belly Band Holster (Medium/Black) - an affordable, high-quality option for everyday use, featuring a moisture-wicking, breathable material and accommodating various compact or microcompact firearms.

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Comfortable and Secure Belly Band Holster


I recently got my hands on the STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Holster Rig and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its performance. This isn’t your average belly band holster. Unlike others, it provides trigger protection and retention, ensuring your firearm stays securely in place throughout the day.

What I particularly admire about this holster is its universal fit. It works with any size pistol and any size IWB holster. This versatility makes it a great choice for people who own multiple handguns or for those who want to switch between different models based on their needs.

The material used in this holster is an aeroprene strap. It’s incredibly comfortable, even in hot weather conditions. The hook-and-loop adjustments allow for a customizable fit, which means you can adjust it according to your comfort level.

However, one thing to note is that this holster requires an IWB holster for proper function. This means you have to buy that separately. Despite this, I believe it’s worth the investment as it offers a high degree of security and concealment.

In summary, the STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Holster Rig is a fantastic product. Its adjustable fit, comfort, and security features make it stand out among other belly band holsters in the market. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re in search of a reliable and comfortable holster system.

VersaCarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB Holster for S&W M&P SHIELD 9MM


As an avid gun enthusiast, I’ve tried my fair share of holsters. Recently, I got a chance to use the VersaCarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB Holster, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. This piece doesn’t compromise on function or comfort.

What’s really struck me about this holster, besides its obvious customization according to my gun make and model, is the padded foam backing. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I appreciate how it prevents my gun from rubbing against my skin or the fabric of my pants, also keeping sweat at bay. The non-collapsible design makes reholstering a breeze too. It’s a small detail but it truly enhances the holster’s practicality.

The holster is made of premium water buffalo leather and polymer which make it incredibly durable and resilient to wear and tear. Plus, the ultra-slim design is incredibly comfortable when worn anywhere along the beltline.

However, I have noticed a small issue. It seems to scratch the slide of my gun when inserted roughly. This might not be a big deal for everyone, but it could be something to consider for people with expensive guns or those who don’t want any unwanted marks.

Overall, I find the VersaCarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB Holster to be an excellent product for anyone in the market for a concealed carry holster. Its comfortable design and durable construction make it a worthy addition to your everyday carry.

Tactical Belly Band Holster for 9mm Handgun


I recently got my hands on the Tactical Belly Band from Mission First Tactical, and I must say, it’s a game-changer when it comes to concealed carry. As someone who enjoys outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and hiking, this belly band holster is an absolute must-have. I was initially skeptical about its functionality without a belt, but it proved me wrong. The 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric ensured maximum comfort, allowing airflow and preventing any unpleasant odors.

The Open-Air Weave Construction design was a pleasant surprise, promoting maximum breathability. I found it particularly useful during intense workout sessions and long hikes, where keeping cool was essential. The medical-grade Hook & Loop construction prevented chafing, and the self-laminated fastening end could be cut to fit my waist size without any fraying.

One of the standout features of this holster is the Hard Laminate Trigger Shield. It provides an extra layer of safety by protecting the firearm’s trigger from accidental discharges. Additionally, the two elastic pockets can hold spare magazines, knives, flashlights, and pepper spray, while the two secure YKK zippered storage pockets are perfect for storing credentials, cash, keys, and even doubling as a phone holder.

The Tactical Belly Band is compatible with a wide range of firearms, making it an excellent choice for both left and right-handed individuals. Its adjustability ensures it can fit waist sizes ranging from 26” to 52”, so it’s suitable for most body types. So whether I’m going for a walk or preparing for a day in the great outdoors, the Mission First Tactical Tactical Belly Band has become my go-to choice for concealed carry.

However, I did encounter a minor issue with the holster. It may not fit if you have a pistol with a Red Dot or a Flashlight attached. Aside from this, the Tactical Belly Band has been a reliable and comfortable companion in my daily life. Its versatility, ease of use, and superior features make it a strong contender among other concealed carry options in the market.

Black Warden Chest Holster for Right Hand


I recently got my hands on the Elite Survival Systems Warden Chest Holster, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer for my outdoor adventures! As a huge fan of hiking and horseback riding, I was tired of traditional holster options that just didn’t work well with my active lifestyle. That’s where the Warden came in.

One of the things that stood out to me was how adjustable and versatile it is. It comes in three different sizes, fitting nearly any handgun, even with light/laser attachments. The Warden ensures my firearm stays securely close to my chest, giving me peace of mind and instant access to my weapon when needed.

Another aspect I really appreciated was its suitability for various activities. Whether I’m hunting, biking, or exploring the outdoors, the Warden provides a convenient and efficient way to carry my sidearm without any obstructions or limitations in my range of motion. Its chest-centered design makes for quick and easy draws, which is especially crucial during hunting trips or other situations where time is of the essence.

One minor downside I encountered is that it may require some adjustments for specific firearms, like my Glock 19. However, with a little trial and error, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to find the perfect fit.

Overall, I highly recommend the Elite Survival Systems Warden Chest Holster for anyone looking for a reliable, versatile, and comfortable holster for their favorite outdoors activities. It may take a bit of getting used to, but once you find the right size and adjustments, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Distressed Brown Leather OWB Holster for Double Stacked Semi-Automatics


I recently got my hands on the Guardian holster from Versacarry. As soon as I opened the package, I was impressed by the rich aroma of premium Water Buffalo leather. I must say, this leather is unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s got a unique distressed brown finish that’s both stylish and rustic.

One of the most appealing things about this holster is how it conforms to my waistline, creating a comfortable, discreet outside the waistband carry. No more constant adjustments or discomfort throughout the day! The holster is designed to fit most double-stacked semi-automatic pistols with a 4-inch barrel, making it versatile and practical.

On the downside, the leather may require a more thorough break-in period compared to other materials. However, that’s not entirely a negative, as the end result is a holster that’s molded to fit your particular weapon for a perfect snug fit. Overall, the Guardian holster from Versacarry has been a game-changer for me, offering a perfect combination of comfort, style, and functionality.

VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster for 1911-Style Handguns


I must say, the Versacarry Guardian OWB Holster has been a game-changer in my daily routine. It’s not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable, making it a joy to wear. The raised protective backing is a standout feature that really sets it apart from other holsters on the market. It gives me extra peace of mind knowing that both my skin and revolver are shielded from scratches or damage.

What I appreciate most about this holster is its unique design. The forward cant helps improve draw speed and concealment simultaneously, making it perfect for both self-defense and casual carry. Plus, knowing that it’s handcrafted right here in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty leaves me feeling confident that I’ve made a quality investment.

However, one minor drawback to this holster is its limited availability for certain models. As much as I’d love to see the same high-quality workmanship applied to a wider range of handguns, I can understand why they might want to take things slow when expanding their product line.

All in all, I am absolutely thrilled with my Versacarry Guardian OWB Holster. If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish way to carry your sidearm, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this holster a try.

Cabela’s Breathable Elastic Belly Band Gun Holster


I recently got my hands on a Cabela’s Belly Band Handgun Holster, and I’ve been using it for months now. This innovative piece of gear has completely changed how I carry my handgun. The belly band design allows me to comfortably conceal not just one but two firearms along with extra magazines around my midsection. Plus, it’s flexible enough to accommodate various carrying options - strong side, crossdraw, small of back, or kidney carry, and even different cants like butt-forward, neutral, and barrel-forward.

One of the things I loved about this holster is that it’s made from breathable elastic material. It keeps me cool and comfortable, even while wearing it all day. Another standout feature for me is the hidden pocket which can carry essentials like cash, ID, or other personal items.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks I’ve noticed. Firstly, the product relies heavily on the elastic band to hold the gun in place, and it’s not always reliable, leading to some unexpected drops. Secondly, the quality of the stitching could be better, especially considering the amount of stress it takes when carrying a loaded firearm.

In conclusion, the Cabela’s Belly Band Handgun Holster offers a comfortable and versatile way to carry your firearms but requires some extra caution due to the lack of retention mechanisms.

Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster for Everyday Carry


I’ve been using the Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster for quite some time now, and I must say, it’s a game-changer. It’s perfect for those days when I need to carry my weapon discreetly and comfortably. The high-quality moisture-wicking material is excellent for those warmer days, ensuring that I don’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable.

One feature that truly stood out was the slide protection tab. It keeps my firearm away from my skin, preventing any discomfort or accidents while carrying. I also appreciate the versatility of the elastic pockets, which can easily accommodate other essentials like my cell phone, flashlight, or a magazine.

However, there’s always room for improvement. The material, while excellent for breathability, can be a little noisy when I’m wearing it. Additionally, the size can be a bit tricky. I went with the XL, but I found that it rolls a tiny bit, making it slightly less comfortable.

Despite these minor inconveniences, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster. Its ability to provide a comfortable and discreet way to carry my weapon has made it a staple in my daily carry rotation. So if you’re looking for a high-quality belly band holster, I’d highly recommend giving this one a try.

Custom Fit Waistband Holster for Byrna HD and Byrna SD Launchers


I recently got my hands on a Byrna Kydex Waistband Holster, and I must say, it’s been quite a game-changer. As a dad who travels a lot with my young son, I’ve always been worried about his safety. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that my Byrna HD is secure by my side, ready to be used whenever necessary.

The holster is adjustable, which means I can customize it to fit my comfort level. Plus, it’s compatible with both the Byrna HD and Byrna SD launchers. The only downside is that the launcher isn’t included, but for those who already own one, this is an excellent accessory to have.

The quality of the holster is top-notch, ensuring that my Byrna stays protected from any potential damage. Drawing my launcher is smooth and quick, making it perfect for all those just-in-case situations. Some users have expressed concern about the lack of a right-side safety lever protection, but I haven’t encountered any issues with mine.

One reviewer mentioned that the holster rides a little too high, making it slightly uncomfortable. Personally, I haven’t had any discomfort, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re considering purchasing this product.

Overall, the Byrna Kydex Waistband Holster has been a fantastic addition to my self-defense arsenal. Its customizable fit and high-quality construction make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to secure their launcher while on the go. However, it’s important to note that the launcher itself isn’t included, so be prepared to invest in both pieces if you don’t already own a compatible launcher.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a reliable and secure holster for your Byrna HD or Byrna SD launcher, this is definitely a product worth considering. Its adjustable design, high-quality construction, and quick draw capabilities make it a standout choice among other options available. Happy shopping!

Nylon Waistband Holster for Right-Handed Users


I’ve been using the Byrna Nylon Waistband Holster with Retention for my daily needs, and it’s been an interesting journey. This holster, designed by Byrna Technologies, is primarily for right-handed users, featuring a sleek black design and a retention strap for added security.

One of the first things I noticed was its minimalist design. It’s lightweight and small, making it comfortable to wear all day. The slim and simple profile combined with the open-muzzle bottom provides ample space for easy draw and secure hold. I also liked how it allowed for both inside and outside the waistband (IWD or OWB) carry options, making it versatile for different situations.

However, there are some cons to consider. The launcher not being included in the holster was a bit disappointing, as I had to buy it separately. Additionally, some users reported issues with the holster and launcher system, mentioning that the magazine eject button on the launcher protrudes too far, causing inadvertent magazine ejections.

In terms of design, the holster’s retention strap adds extra security to keep your launcher in place, while the adjustable clips allow you to switch between IWD and OWB as needed. However, I found it a bit difficult to return the launcher back into the holster after taking it out, as it requires practice and breaking in the holster.

Overall, the Byrna Nylon Waistband Holster with Retention is a decent choice for those looking for a comfortable and versatile holster. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and offers both IWD and OWB carry options. While it may have some design flaws and inconveniences, it’s still a solid option for users who depend on their Byrna launchers for safety and protection.

Rounded Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry


I recently purchased the Rounded Belly Band Holster in black medium and I have to say, it has been a game-changer for me! As a mom of two, I often find myself needing to carry my firearm discreetly while on the go. This belly band holster allows me to do just that. Its high-quality, moisture-wicking material is perfect for hot summer days or sweaty gym sessions. Plus, the perforated holes for maximum breathability make it feel light and comfortable all day long.

One feature that really stood out to me was the wide elastic pockets - they accommodate my microcompact gun plus weapon-mounted lights and lasers with ease! The slide protection tab keeps my firearm away from my skin, so I don’t have to worry about any annoying pinching or rubbing. And if that wasn’t enough, these pockets can also double as a cell phone holder, magazine holder, or flashlight holder - talk about versatile!

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Some users reported issues with their gun falling out occasionally due to lack of strap or narrowing at the bottom of the holster area. Others experienced tears and stretching in the supposedly breathable fabric. Despite these potential drawbacks, I believe this belly band holster is worth considering if you’re looking for a comfortable and versatile option for concealed carry.

In conclusion, the Rounded Belly Band Holster gets a solid 3.5 stars from me. While there may be some room for improvement in terms of retention and durability, its effective design and variety of uses make it a valuable addition to any EDC arsenal. Whether you’re running errands or hitting the gym, this belly band holster will keep your firearm secure and within reach at all times. So if you’re in the market for a new method of concealed carry, be sure to check out the Rounded Belly Band Holster Medium / Black – it might just be what you’ve been looking for!

Buyer’s Guide

Waistband Gun Holsters-2

Important Features

Waistband gun holsters are designed to hold your firearm securely while allowing for easy access when needed. Important features to consider include:

  • Retention System: This is the method by which the holster grips the gun. Some common types are thumb break straps, level 2 or 3 retention systems, and adjustable tension screws.

  • Comfort: Choose a holster that feels comfortable when worn for extended periods. Materials such as leather, kydex, or nylon can provide varying levels of comfort.

  • Concealment: Consider how effectively the holster conceals your firearm. Factors like the size of the holster, its position on your waist, and the type of clothing you wear can all affect concealment.


Before purchasing a waistband gun holster, think about:

  • Type of Firearm: Make sure the holster is compatible with your specific model of gun.

  • Right- or Left-Handed Draw: Choose a holster that accommodates your dominant hand for quick draw.

  • Concealed Carry Permit: Check local laws and regulations regarding concealed carry to ensure compliance.

Waistband Gun Holsters-3

Advice for Choosing the Right Waistband Gun Holster

When selecting a waistband gun holster, keep these tips in mind:

  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, visit a local store to test different types of holsters to find the best fit for your needs.

  • Read Reviews: Look for feedback from other gun owners who have used the same or similar models to gauge their performance and durability.

  • Maintain Your Holster: Regularly clean and inspect your waistband gun holster to ensure it remains in good condition for safe use and long-term reliability.


Waistband Gun Holsters-4

What are waistband gun holsters?

Waistband gun holsters are concealed carry holsters designed to securely hold and quickly access a firearm while worn around the waist. They typically attach to the waistband using either a belt or integrated clips, providing a comfortable and secure method of carrying a firearm.

What types of waistband gun holsters are available?

There are several types of waistband gun holsters, including:

  • Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters: Worn inside the waistband with the firearm riding close to the body, offering concealment and easy access.

  • Outside the waistband (OWB) holsters: Worn outside the waistband, usually with a strap or loop to secure the holster to the belt or waistband.

  • Appendix carry holsters: Worn near the front of the waistband, offering quick access and concealment.

Waistband Gun Holsters-5

How should I choose the right waistband gun holster?

Consider the following factors when choosing a waistband gun holster:

  • Comfort: Make sure the holster fits comfortably and securely within your waistband or on your belt.

  • Concealment: Choose a holster that effectively conceals your firearm without print-through or bulging.

  • Retention: Ensure the holster provides adequate retention to keep your firearm securely in place while wearing it.

  • Accessibility: Pick a holster that allows for quick and efficient drawing of your firearm.

How should I properly care for and maintain a waistband gun holster?

To keep your waistband gun holster in optimal condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Clean the holster regularly using a soft cloth and mild detergent or leather cleaner (for leather holsters).

  • Apply conditioner to leather holsters occasionally to keep the material supple and prevent cracking.

  • Inspect the holster’s stitching, straps, and clips for any signs of wear or damage, and replace or repair as needed.

  • Store the holster in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, when not in use.

Waistband Gun Holsters-6

Can waistband gun holsters be worn with both casual and professional attire?

Yes, waistband gun holsters are versatile and can be worn with various types of clothing, including casual wear, business casual, and professional attire. The key is to choose a holster style that best suits your clothing choice to ensure proper concealment and comfort.

How do I properly conceal a waistband gun holster?

To effectively conceal a waistband gun holster, follow these guidelines:

  • Choose the right size and style of holster for your firearm and clothing.

  • Wear a loose-fitting or untucked shirt or blouse to help hide the print of your firearm.

  • Adjust the position and cant of your holster to ensure optimal concealment and access.

  • Consider adding a belly band or waist extender, if necessary, to help hide the holster and firearm.

How should I draw my firearm from a waistband gun holster?

Drawing your firearm from a waistband gun holster should be a smooth, efficient motion. Follow these steps:

  1. Grab the firearm firmly, keeping your finger off the trigger.

  2. Rotate the firearm upward, clearing the waistband and clothing layers.

  3. With a controlled grip, pull the firearm straight out of the holster.

  4. Once the firearm is clear of the holster, begin moving it toward the target while maintaining a firm grip and proper shooting stance.

How should I store a waistband gun holster when not in use?

When not in use, store your waistband gun holster in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. If possible, store it in the original packaging or a soft pouch to prevent scratches or damage. Regularly inspect the holster for signs of wear or damage, and replace or repair as needed to maintain optimal performance and safety.

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